Hey there! We're really starting to feel the heat over here in Greece, so I thought I'd share some easy hairstyles to keep your hair off your neck and help you beat the heat! Three easy updos with a studded hair comb. Braided bun updo. Rockabilly pomp. How to use hair sticks. Easy curly updo. Brigitte Bardot inspired updo. Easy Festival Hair. What do you do to keep cool when the temperature rises? See you soon! | Let's be friends! facebook | twitter | pinterest | instagram | youtube |
I can't tell you how excited and happy I am to announce the launch of my new apparel, home goods and accessories e-shop called Channel of Love. Channel of love started as an Instagram account where I would share quotes and inspiration. Then I got the idea of putting my quotes on t-shirts, then t-shirts became hoodies and hoodies became notebooks and so on and so forth. And then I had the idea of doing a kind of collaboration between Channel of Love and Queen Lila and create a very
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