TUTORIAL: DIY hair sticks

I absolutely ADORE using hair sticks to put my hair up. I’ve used chopsticks and store bought hair sticks but I could never really find any simple and stylish designs.

So recently while cleaning out my kitchen drawers I found all these Chinese take out chopsticks and had an epiphany: why not cut them down, carve out a point, sand them, decorate them and use them as hair sticks!

So off course I recorded a video of the process and have a super simple tutorial for you to make your own.

Queen Lila how to use hair sticks tutorial (3)



queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (2)


  • chopsticks (the cheaper the better!)
  • a marker
  • box cutters
  • nail files (coarse and fine grit)
  • nail polish (optional)

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (3)

Step 1
Mark your cut line (about 6in/15cm). You can leave it longer if you want but I find this size to be perfect.

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (4)

Step 2
Score on your mark line with the box cutters and break apart.

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (5)

Step 3
Carve out a point with the box cutters. Please, please be careful! Don’t make it too sharp, you don’t want to stab yourself in the head, now do you?

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (6)

Step 4
Using the coarse nail file first, sand the point and any other rough edges. Follow up with the finer file.

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (7)

Step 5
Use nail polish to paint and decorate your hair sticks.

queenlila_DIY_hair_sticks (9)

Step 6
Let dry, add another coat, wait for that to dry and you are done!

I’ll be making a video to show you guys how to use your new hair sticks and some easy updos you can try!
If you’ve got any questions or suggestions then let me know!
thanks for stopping by!


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