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I wanted to kick off this new series of short makeup posts with a sneak peek into this week's makeup tutorial and video series coming up this Saturday on Queen Lila TV! It's a cute way to Valentify(yes it's a word, I just made it up) your makeup for a Valentine's date or if like me, you just love hearts :)   Here's how to do it: Apply a light shadow all over the lid Tap the dark shadow into the crease Blend really well! Line with liquid eyeliner Add

Check out my simple everyday makeup tutorial! This is the look I do when I’m in a hurry or feeling uninspired and the look I do on clients when they want a simple but defined look.

Hey there! Check out what I'm currently lugging around in my makeup bag :) See you soon! | Let's be friends! facebook | twitter | pinterest | instagram | youtube | Like what you see? Subscribe so you never miss an update!
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