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Next time you want to do some nail art, try this easy and quick matte dots look. You only need base coat, matte top coat (or make your own using this tutorial) and two or three colors of your choice, I used white, black and green. If you'd like to learn how to give yourself a quick dry manicure check out my tutorial on that and get started! Για να δεις το βίντεο με Ελληνικούς υπότιτλους, ενεργοποίησε τους από το μικρο τετραγωνάκι ανάμεσα στο ρολόι και το γρανάζι , κάτω δεξιά της οθόνης. See you soon! | Let's be friends! facebook | twitter | pinterest | instagram | youtube | Like

I’ve been pinning and fantasizing about doing a gradient manicure for what seems like forever! Finally the time has come for a gradient nail tutorial and I have to admit I’m kind of obsessed you guys…

Spring is here! Time to ditch the dark colors on our nails and get creative with spring colors! I love looking at elaborate nail art ideas but if you’re not a professional or an artist it’s frustrating to even think about trying to recreate them. This round up is full of easy and simple nail art ideas that anyone can do!

Inspired by this pin, my collection is so pretty and organised! :) All you have to do is paint swatches on white stickers and use a hole punch to punch out the swatches then stick them on the polish bottle top. Easy peasy! See you soon! | Let's be friends! facebook | twitter | pinterest | instagram | youtube |

I ♥ glitter nails. Mainly because they last FOREVER and well…you know… it’s glitter,what’s not to love?!? AND on the plus side a glitter mani is super easy to do and pretty foolproof, you just can’t mess it up…the only downside is waiting for it to dry but that’s a problem with every manicure in my book.