How to do a Round Brush Blow Dry

Hey there! If you ever wondered how to straighten your hair using a round brush then stay a while cause I’m about to show you how!

So let’s talk a little bit about tools. Obviously you’re going to need a round brush but which one? There’s so many to choose from! (check below for links of my favorites!)

If your hair is curly and coarse then you will need to get a bristle brush which will help you with creating a lot of tension when you put the hair on the brush and that will make it easier for you to straighten your hair with minimum effort.

Everybody else: get a ceramic brush as it causes minimal damage to the hair.

There are also metal brushes but these are little bit more tricky and you could end up burning your hair while using them so maybe leave the metal brushes for the professionals!

So you got a round brush. Now what?!

You’re also going to need a hairdryer and like I’ve said before, a good quality professional grade hair dryer. If you blow dry your hair a lot then it will save your hair a lot of damage and will also save you a lot of time and effort. So I think it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality hair dryer. Basically you don’t want to be there for too long drying your hair when your hair dryer is not very hot, because you have to remember it’s not just the heat that is causing the damage to the hair it’s also the mechanical action of the brush on the hair. So using a less efficient dryer for longer is actually worse than using a really hot one for less time.

You’re also going to use some kind of hair product. Usually from coarse to fine hair, I would say hair oil, smoothing cream, heat protectant spray. So if your hair is really fine then just use the spray so you don’t weigh it down. You should really get into a habit of using some kind of protection whenever you blow dry your hair because again you are going to save your hair a lot of damage.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t show you how to do the fringe or bang section it’s because I want to do a separate video talking about bangs and fringes because I get questions about them all the time!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and useful for you, don’t forget, if you have any questions or suggestions just leave me a comment down below!


  • Use a bristle brush on coarse, curly hair. A ceramic brush for all other hair types.
  • If you have fine hair use a heat protectant spray, smoothing cream on medium hair and hair oil on coarse hair.
  • Invest in good quality, professional hair dryer.

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