I’ve been pinning and fantasizing about doing a gradient manicure for what seems like forever! Finally the time has come for a gradient nail tutorial and I have to admit I’m kind of obsessed you guys…

Just a quick note before we go to bed to say I hope you all have (or had) an Amazing Easter Sunday filled with good food, candy and great company!  

Hello friends! Since I’m visiting family this week I planned to share a tutorial I had already prepared earlier last week. But then my mom told me she planned to dye the Easter eggs with onion peelings so how could I pass the chance to share it with all of you?! I couldn’t of course…

Fotis Varthis

Since it is Easter Holy Week here in Greece, who better for this week’s Artist Spotlight than Fotis Varthis?! Yep, no one is right! 

I’ve been going asparagus crazy lately, have you noticed? I’ve also recently jumped on the quinoa bandwagon so here’s a recipe you can try that uses the whole asparagus stalk. You just need to break off the tough 1 inch bottom.

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